Hello, my name is Devin McPherson. However, if you are on this site you probably already knew that. I am currently a 4th year computer science student at the University of Cincinnati. At UC we are given the opportunity to co-op so every other semester I do a full time rotation at a company. I have had the opportunity to work at companies such as Assurex Health, doing full stack web development, and at Great American Insurance Group, creating a Test Automation Framework. In my free time I enjoy working on personal projects and ideas. In the future I want to start blogging about my experiences and what I learn.

For this site I am using jekyll as a static site generator, github pages for hosting, and the minima theme for jekyll. I am currently working on overwriting the them to make this site more of my own, so keep an eye out for an overhaul.

You can find a link to my github account at the in the footer of this site or you can click here.